Project Description

Our client needed to make a splash to launch their new vibrant make-up brand. We were tasked with designing visual imagery to support an advertising campaign that needed to express their daring colours. Our goal was to create a series of images that would show a model wearing a red dress with an explosion of colour, and we needed to develop a concept that would capture the energy and vibrancy of the brand.

To start, we held a series of brainstorming sessions with the client to generate ideas for the campaign. The intention was to use bold, striking visuals to convey the bold nature of the new brand, so we focused on concepts that would make a strong impact.

Once we had settled on a concept, we moved on to the design phase. Using a combination of traditional art techniques and digital tools, we created a series of striking images that perfectly captured the energy and drama of the brand. The model was shot separately from the dramatic explosive dress/paint imagery. We then used new digital techniques to create a series of photorealistic images that provoke drama to express the vibrant colours of the new make-up product lines.

The final result was a set of visually stunning images that perfectly conveyed the vibrant spirit of their new make-up brand. The client went on to use these in their campaign to promote their new product.

Project Details

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    • Design
    • Photography
    • HTML
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