Concept eScooter

As a highly creative unit, it was our honour to be involved in the development of a concept electric scooter that sought to provide a fresh take on urban mobility. After the initial client design brief, we embarked on the design process by holding a series of brainstorming sessions. From these creative sessions, we generated and refined a number of ideas for the scooter’s form and function. These concepts were then transformed into 2D design visuals and subsequently brought to life in 3D form, through the use of computer-aided design software.

The 3D models gave us the opportunity to view the scooter in great detail, and we were therefore able to make informed decisions about its appearance and functionality. Ultimately, we felt it was important to prototype the scooter physically, so we utilised 3D printing technology to create a tangible 10:1 model.

Throughout the design process, we were mindful of the need to find a balance between aesthetics and practicality. We are convinced that the final product, which manages to successfully combine these two qualities, will make a valuable contribution to the field of urban transportation.

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