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Online timesheets to manage your resources

time|manager shows you where the time goes

'Time is money' as the saying goes, and in today's fast-paced environment keeping track of where time is spent in business is vital to maintaining profitablility. By keeping a close eye on day-to-day tasks on projects, admin, business development and meetings you can get a better understanding of where the time (or money) goes.

Time Manager Demo

Time Manager is a unique web tool that allows you to control user access to individuals within your organisation. Each user can simply enter their time for any specific project or task, which in turn feeds directly into the secure web database. Using the powerful reporting engine you can create 'dynamic filters' on the database to show trends of time and summaries of projects. Reports can be exported for emailing and communicating with clients where necessary.

Key benefits to your business:

Time Manager is a unique tool that captures time spent on individual tasks, giving you an insight into:

  • Project Spend - shows the total time used throughout the project
  • Bottlenecks - track where problems on tasks tend to occur
  • Inefficiencies - see where overspend occurs and spot trends
  • Overall Budgets - keep track of budgets in realtime and avoid slippages

Key Features:

  • Manage your employees working day

    time|manager is an ideal way of making sure you and your staff are using their working day effectively. Your employees can record the time that they have spent on various projects, or different areas of the business, and you can see where their time fits into an overall project. By tracking this time you can ensure that you are getting the most from your staff, and also encourages them to manage their day better.

  • Keep on top of project timescales

    By allocating time to specific tasks, you can see just how much time is available on each project, and if you're going to come in on budget. The timescales you set for each project can be based on budget or simply an allocated slot of time, so by using time|manager you'll be able to keep track of the entire project as entries are added by everyone.

  • Allow budget management

    When purchase orders are entered into the system, all you have to do is tell time|manager how you would like the budget to be divided and the project is set up accordingly. When employees enter their timesheets throughout the day you can keep track of the project and detect slippages, and make changes to your plans before it starts costing your business.

  • Analyse resource bottlenecks

    By recording all of the information entered by your staff, you can find out where certain tasks and time is spent which are likely to cause bottlenecks in your workflow. This will allow you to assign tasks to different individuals based upon their past performance, and ensure all of the time is used effectively.

  • Take control of project slippages

    time|manager allows to see project slippages long before the have too much of an impact on your business. By having your employees record time against projects you can see how far away you are from going over budget - what tasks are left, and take action before it costs money.

What's next?
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