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Project management to make your life easier

project|manager lets you take back control

Do you find your work life seems to get busier year on year? As technology advances and email is available practically anywhere the number of tasks we all take on can grow to a point where keeping on top of everything is a task in itself. If you need to manage 'getting things done' in your business, then a web-based central project management tool could make your life a lot easier.

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Project Manager is a powerful web tool that acts as your central hub for keeping track of all your projects, milestones, to-do's and much more. All notes, messages and documents relating to a specific project are kept in one secure place that's accessible anywhere where there's a web connection. You stay in control of all users who are involved in the project by setting up login access and assigning rights to each project. Simple 'calendar views' show you where your projects are up to at any point ,with milestones and tasks being flagged closer to the deadlines.

Key benefits for your business:

  • Instant web enabled admin system connects to a live database
  • Powerful gives you that all important 'view' of all projects
  • Intuitive auto alerts you to problem areas or late deliverables
  • Accountable gives everyone on the project clear responsibilities

Key Features:

  • Share any project related documents online

    Keep a central bank of documents online so everyone on the project can collaborate in realtime. Spreadsheets, proposals, estimates, specifications, invoices and more can be securely stored and tagged with your projects to allow team members to update and keep track of all documentation. No more emailing around the same documents and trying to keep track of where the latest version is, project|manager keeps all versions in one place and allows a central audit of changes - all accessible 24/7 from anywhere around the world.

  • Keep on top of to-do's & milestones

    Now you can assign to-do's to team members and keep track of all tasks across all projects at any one point. Individuals take control of their assigned tasks which are in turn attached to milestones that you control. Permissions allow you to show/hide tasks from your client/colleagues and milestones can be setup in a snap giving you the ability to create projects in minutes. The key advantage to assigning tasks & milestones is `accountability' as the dashboard shows which milestones are due and which ones are late.

  • Manage the time spent on project tasks

    Using the in-built timesheet system you can assign tasks and team members can record their time against each task with a description of the work. A report can then be generated on all tasks for the project showing total time spent with broken down tasks. You can easily spot where overruns occure and where project slippage is likely to happen. The time-tracking features allow you to stay in control of a project and make adjustments where neccessary as the project evolves.

  • See exactly what stage your project is at

    Using the dashboard you can see where all your projects are up to at a glance and the milstone indicator allows you to stay in control of individual sections of a project. In-built alerts inform team members of up and coming milestones and late milestones are flagged on the dashboard. You can cc other members into the alert system so team leaders can be notified of pending tasks, and alerts can be tailored as email or SMS.

  • Communicate with clients through an internal mail system

    Eliminate the problem of email tennis and losing track of where communication is up to. Traditional email comms is generally performed between two people with other memebrs being cc'd in, now you can avoid multiple emails by keeping all the project comms in one central area that all memebers can access at any point 24/7. If an individual is on holiday, the project can be picked up without needing access to their email and permissions can be set as to what messages are public or not. By using project|manager as the central `hub' for all comms you can avoid delays on the project and collaborate much easier with a message board approach to discussions.

  • Assign roles & responsibilities to all users

    Using the permissions features in project|manager you can decide how much control other team members/clients have. You can allow/restrict access to to-do's, tasks, milestones, messages, time-tracking etc using the user management options and set the appropriate level of access per user. Because project|manager is web-based the team members can access their account and projects from anywhere with a computer and web connection.

What's next?
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