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Manage your enquiries with an online CRM tool

contact|manager - CRM direct from your website

Just as consumer loyalty cards capture information about an individual customer each time they buy, you can capture data about who is using your website. Over time you can build up an individual customer profile allowing you to understand what products/services they have shown an interest in and start to target them more accurately.

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With Contact Manager you can manage all of your web leads, customer orders or simply keep on top of brochure requests and general enquiries. By gathering all of your customer data directly into one central web database you avoid the pitfalls of leads and enquiries going to separate email inboxes within your organisation. This way you get a full audit trail and can access the data wherever there is an internet connection.

Key benefits to your business:

Contact Manager is a unique web tool that captures customer data every time a user interacts with your website giving you rich information such as:

  • Personal - initial data such as name and email address
  • Demographic - postal address and contact details
  • Interests - what the user has interacted with and how frequent
  • History - a log of every information request and visit

Key Features:

  • Capture information from your customers

    Using contact|manager you can build up a detailed database of information about your customers, and access this information easily to learn more about your customers. You can then use additional products, such as campaign|manager, to send details of products or services they have shown an interest in.

  • Plugs directly into your website

    Directly optaining information about your customers is easy!Simply use your website as a data capture device that enables customers to send their details to you, to build up a 'Single Customer View'about them and use it to research ways of servicing them better.

  • Powerful web based CRM tool

    By knowing more about your customers and building a relationship with them, you can service them better and increase customer retention - which in turn will help you reach your goals and maximize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

  • Manage user's account privileges

    Using contact|manager you can also manage user accounts for secure area's on your website. Catagorise your users into different levels of roles and responsibilities, then use this information to allow them to access different area's of your website. You can also segment your user base into clearly defined groups, ready to send campaigns to using campaign|manager.

What's next?
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