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See how your customers interact with your website

stats|manager helps you gain that vital insight

Every customer using your website leaves a footprint when moving through the pages. Would you like to get into the shoes of your customers and see how your website is viewed from their perspective? Do you know if your customers are responding to key areas of your website or even finding what they came for?

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With Stats Manager you can gain a real insight into how well your website is performing. It's useful to remember that 'clicks' are vanity and 'leads' are sanity - so getting high traffic counts is not enough alone. By measuring popular content, routes users take through your site and what areas aren't visitors don't seem to take notice of, you can enhance your website using Content Manager to increase the number of leads generated.

Key benefits to your business:

Stats Manager is a unique tool that captures customer interaction with your website, giving you an insight into:

  • Customer Flow - shows the path taken by individual customers
  • Frequency - identifies how often a user visits specific areas
  • Details - monitors every customer click made on the website
  • Requests - logs which data/documents have been requested
  • Response - allows you to monitor how customers respond

Key Features:

  • Analyse your customers movements

    Using stats|manager you can follow your customers movements around your website, and see what pages appear to have the most general interest on your website. In doing so you can monitor where your customers seem to be heading and make adjustments to your website to direct them to the area's you need them to be.

  • Track page views & web trends

    The statistics available through stats|manager allow you track which pages are being viewed across your website. If some pages aren't getting as much attention as you need them to have you can use this information effectively to modify your website to improve your results. You can also spot which pages your vistors start on and (entry pages) which pages they leave from (exit pages).

  • Measure how well your campaigns are doing

    Once you have sent a campaign email, or Google AdWords campaign, you can check with the statistics to see how successful these campaigns have been. See if visits have improved since these campaigns have gone out over a period of time, and monitor how much improvement to traffic numbers the campaigns have generated.

  • Research where your site can be improved

    The main purpose of the stats|manager tool is to improve the amount to traffic your website is receiving, and in particular your target pages on the website. By using stats|manager you will be able to use the information you gather to modify your website accordingly and ensure that your main area's are being visited by your visitors.

  • See where your customers are coming from

    An additional use of stats|manager is to find out where your visitors are coming from in general. If you are spending vast amounts of money advertising on Google, yet you don't get many referrals from them, then stats|manager can help you refine your campaigns. Use these statistics to make better connections with websites that you are successful with, or invest more money into the referrers that could do better.

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