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Content manage your website in a snap

content|manager makes your job a breeze

Do you need the ability to update your website without commissioning additional work and paying extra costs? If so, you'll need an in-house content management system that allows you to regularly update items such as news, press releases, case studies, and add new products when they are developed.

Content Manager demo screenshot

Content Manager is a unique tool that allows you to take control of your website maintenance and deliver dynamic content. Because Content Manager is a web-based tool, it plugs directly into your website and means you can update your content anywhere with an internet connection. There is no limit to the number of pages you can create and the CMS has a 'dynamic link library' to keep track of all pages and links within your website.

Key benefits for your business:

  • Instant web enabled admin systems connects to a live database
  • Flexible can update news, press releases, documents and more
  • Cost Effective eliminates the expense of additional web design updates
  • Control allows you to quickly update content with minimal fuss

Key Features:

  • Simple Microsoft Office interface

    Updating your website couldn't be any easier, content|manager uses the same simple interface that you would come to expect from a Microsoft Office product. With a simple menu system and drag-n-drop elements, you are never more than a couple of clicks away from amending your website, and there's no steep learning curve for your staff either. Because the user interface is so simple, controlling your site no longer needs to be done by an IT department and allows you to be more creative and market driven with your content.

  • Intelligent link management system

    To assist with the management of internal and external links across your website, we have developed an intelligent link management system that organsizes all of your links into one area. By doing this you can change a link or email address in one place, and it will transfer through your entire website without having to edit every page.

  • Style pages differently using templates

    Sometimes your website will need different layouts on different pages, so we have allowed you to choose which template you use when creating or editing pages. For example, if your site is built into a traditional 3 column appearance you may need to create a page with only 2 columns. Our pre-built templates will be easily accessible, and allow you the freedom to choose how your page looks.

  • Edit layouts easily using drag-n-drop

    Once all of your content has been placed on the page, you can easily re-position each item with simple drag-n-drop functionality. When an image is placed on the page you can specify the column width and content|manager will automatically resize the image using the original file and optimize it on the fly to be used on the web. This allows you to try out different layouts and content, then publish your changes once you are satisfied with the results.

  • User permissions for multiple editors

    Depending on the size of your website, you may need to hand responsibilities over to other staff members to keep certain area's up to date. To ensure you won't have to worry about which areas they can make changes to you can set upuser permissions for each user, using our contact|manager tool. You can allow them to edit only certain sections or pages, and limit their publishing rights so content can be authorised before going live.

  • Wide range of plugins to enhance your experience

    Along with the special features that content|manager possesses, you can also plug in any of the vast applications we have developed to enhance the tool. Included in these products are slideshow|manager, enquiry|manager, project|manager, campaign|manager plus many more...

What's next?
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