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Campaign Management, emarketing made simple

campaign|manager - create campaigns in seconds

As the internet evolves email marketing has grown into a vital tool for businesses to market themselves to a target audience cost effectively. Whether it's a simple email newsletter or a full-blown series of eMarketing campaigns, using this digital medium has proven to bring real 'return-on-investment' for businesses both large and small.

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Campaign Manager provides an easy way to produce powerful email campaigns at the click of a mouse. With a simple user-interface emails can be setup in both HTML & plain text format - without the need for any technical knowledge. By using pre-designed 'email templates' you can build your campaigns quickly, preview the results and send to 1,000's of prospects in minutes.

Key benefits for your business:

  • Instant web enabled admin system connects to a live database
  • Powerful in-depth reporting to track open rates, bounces and clicks
  • Cost Effective email's cost pence as apposed to offline marketing
  • Accountable allows you to measure what users respond to

Key Features:

  • Build campaign HTML emails using templates

    With custom built templates you can send high quality designed emails to your customers with just a few simple clicks. campaign|manager comes with custom built templates to fit in with your company brand and website, which you can use to customise and send your campaigns whenever you like. All HTML templates are designed to work with the major email applications so your target audience will always see your campaign in it's best light.

  • Remind your customers what you can offer

    So you customers come back to you time and time again, but how often do they ask for a different service? Using campaign|manager you can let your customers know about other aspects of your business, or remind them of other products that may be of use to them - a great cross-selling opportunity. By collecting information on your customers you can specificially target certain people for particular campaigns.

  • Schedule campaigns to run when you're not there

    Sometimes your campaigns need to be sent at a specific date or time. But what do you do when its a Bank Holiday or late at night? By setting preferences in campaign|manager you can schedule the campaign to be sent hours, days or weeks in advance, giving you peace of mind that your campaign will be sent on your behalf.

  • Track open rates, bounces & click-throughs

    Sending campaign emails definately does the job of speaking to your customers, but how much do you get back from them? With campaign|manager you can track who opens your email, what links they click on and how much ROI you got from sending the campaign. With very specific reporting, you can determine how to send future campaigns to achieve the best possible result, and also ensure all of your customers are receiving the campaign successfully.

  • Measure campaign results with in-built stats

    By monitoring the results of your campaigns you can build up a better picture of your customers. The statistics provided with campaign|manager allow you to track what how your customers are reacting to your campaigns, and who the most responsive customers are. By building this 'single customer view' you can tailor your messages much more accurately to increase ROI.

  • Track your subscriber growth

    As an additional option, you can now track how many people are joining or leaving your lists over time. As each campaign is sent, the user is provided with the option to be removed from your campaign emails list, and at the same time the user can invite other users to join the list. You can check with real time statistics just how many people are dropping off or being added to your database.

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