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Optimising your website for the search engines

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of 'optimising' your website for the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. At Mavada, we build all of our new sites with search engine optimisation in mind, but if your current website isnít getting the results you need, we can implement an SEO strategy to help you improve your page rank and position within the search engines.

Once we have 'optimised' your website it's important to keep your web content search engine friendly so that sites like Google can continue to 'spider' your pages. The Mavada content management system makes sure any content you add to your website conforms with the Google standards to ensure your site maintains good visibility.

A well optimised website will make sure your website stays as high as possible within the search engines but there are also other complimentary techniques that should form part of a good strategy:

  • Ensure all of your web page titles are suitably named with relevant 'keywords'
  • Write your website content to be SEO friendly - Mavada can advise on this
  • Research what your competitors are doing on the web and how their sites perform
  • Provide good 'internal links' within your web content, the Mavada CMS is great at managing this
  • Monitor your web rankings reports each month closely to see how your SEO is doing, the Mavada report|manager is a tool that you can use to check this
  • Setup 'links in' to your website with affiliates or partners that are related to you or your industry
  • Combine your SEO with a complimentary PPC campaign, we can help you with this

There are many more techniques to improve your web rankings, the important thing to remember is that a good SEO strategy is one that's been designed to suit your business, with your objectives in mind.