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White labelled loan application

Client: Staff Loans Plus

Staff Loans Plus is part of The Funding Corporation, created to offer personal loans to staff of large companies using preferential interest rates.

Mavada were commissioned by Staff Loans Plus to design and develop a personal loans website and online application module. Essential to the project was the the facility to re-brand the entire website so that it could be rolled out across a wide range of affinity brands avoiding the costs associated with re-development.

The result is a 'white-labelled' website that can be re-branded quickly (in minutes) by modifying central style references. Mavada developed a system that enables the website style, colours and brand to be manipulated through a set of variables. In addition, loan specific information such as interest rates, rate response codes and contact information can be updated instantly, giving each affinity organisation the ability to control their offer as they react to the market.

David Titmuss, Director of The Funding Corporation said,
"Mavada concentrated on two things which proved to be a winning business formula; design and usability. Often, the best looking designs ignore how a customer instinctively uses a website, Mavada not only avoided this trap, they built web sites for us which improved click through rates and increased business levels exponentially."

Mavada are now working alongside Staff Loans Plus to roll-out this white-labelled system across multiple affinity brands.

Click here to view a recently launched affinity branded loans website

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