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Online Fleet Risk Management tool

Client: Driving Monitor

Project: Fleet Risk Management tool

DrivingMonitor™ is an online fleet risk management tool and website developed for fleet drivers or staff with company cars.

Mavada designed and developed a sophisticated tool that would test and monitor the performance of drivers online, recording results for in-depth reporting and analysis. The tool presents the user with a series of interactive questions, testing their knowledge in areas such as hazard perception, highway code, road traffic law and attitude to driving.

The underlying purpose of the tool is to help companies and organisations to reduce the number of incident related insurance claims. Therefore the tool generates results which offer a clear indication as to which employees need driver training, and importantly, focussing on specific weaknesses.

DrivingMonitor continues to grow with the front-end website using the Mavada CMS.

Doug Jenkins commented,
"Mavada's response, on several occasions, to our demanding needs to deliver solutions through our website, has been both expedient and professional. We needed and continue to need, on line solutions for our clients, the team at Mavada continue to deliver the goods.

The partnership has developed to the point that we have recently commissioned a major project with them to upgrade our whole contacts and training system. I am confident that this will also be delivered on time, do what it is supposed to do and be within budget. Mavada have contributed to our increased efficiency and profitability through internet use."

The website showcases the benefits of DrivingMonitor™ and allows members to log-in and take the self assessment at their convenience.

Click here to visit the website and complete a demonstration assessment

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