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Mavada develop Brammer's staff incentives programme

Client: Brammer +8

Project: Website design

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Brammer +8 is an Awards Recognition Scheme used internally by the employees of Brammer. Staff can keep tabs of their personnel progress and their store progress throughout the year. The more points they gain within each of the categories, the higher the reward.

Mavada were commissioned by Brammer to set up an effective and user friendly intranet site, which could be used by its staff to monitor their progress in an easy and accurate way. This was done by clever use of dynamic content which helped illustrate staff’s progress by the use of animated graphs and charts. The site’s design was treated in the same manner Mavada would use for any one of its high profile websites.  There is a quality to this intranet site which makes it a positive and entertaining experience for the staff using it, just in the same way it would be for a potential customer scrolling through their website.

Click here to goto the Brammer Plus website

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