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Mavada re-establish B2B's online presence

Client: B2B Contact Marketing

Project: Website design

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B2B specialise in providing a mixture of telemarketing, email, SMS and social media campaigns, to gain new sales and drive existing sales. With social media now being "the next big thing", B2B felt they needed to re-establish their brand and website as a priority if they wanted to be taken seriously as a contender in the digital marketing industry.

To create the B2B website, Mavada had to work from scratch with a completely blank canvas and design a new look and feel for B2B. Through the use of photography supplied by B2B, Mavada tried to create a friendly and active look to the website by including images of members of staff at work in their environment. Strong graphics were included to convey the different areas of the B2B business together with a homepage interactive movie which showed the contact marketing process.
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