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2011 news summary

22.09.11 // North Wales Chamber of Commerce website
The Chamber approached Mavada with a brief for a secondary site in the Welsh language allowing both English and Welsh speakers to access the site. The Chamber wanted a similar look and feel to the English language site but with a variation on the colour scheme, so Mavada set to work designing a new black and orange homepage linking to the existing site.

20.04.11 //
After working with Payne Worldwide for a number of years, Mavada were approached by Payne’s parent company Filtrona to refresh and update the Coated & Security Products division of their business. The brief was to develop a crisp, clean interface that allows navigation across their business sectors in a modern and fresh web 2.0 style.

15.04.11 // Brammer Partners new website
Brammer in the UK is part of Europe's leading distributor of the highest quality industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products and services. Brammer contacted Mavada with a brief for a fresh, easy to navigate site, with the main focus being a dedicated area with links to the Brammer Partners’ website, allowing customers to keep track of their Brammer Partner Points.

31.03.11 // Payne Worldwide site refreshed
Payne Worldwide, an existing client of Mavada Ltd approached Mavada to bring their site in to the 21st century. Mavada rebranded the Payne Worldwide site using a similar look and feel as the previously improved Payne Security site, incorporating the new labels division.

30.04.11 // Mavada asked to design TWP Networking site
TWP Solutions specialise in supporting and developing organisations in the welfare-to-work, skills and wider social inclusion sectors. Following the launch of their company website, TWP Solutions are again working with Mavada to launch their sister site TWP Networking. The brief was to design a slick, easy to navigate search engine site aimed at improving supply chain management and aiding contract compliance.

20.02.11 // Decision Recruitment new website launched
Decision Recruitment’s new website was launched this week with a new slick look & feel. Decision Recruitment approached Mavada Ltd to design and develop a new website to advertise their recruitment service. Mavada went for a modern approach to this website; by using bold colours to coincide with Decision Recruitment’s corporate branding.

14.02.11 // DM Vehicle Check added to Driving Monitor
Continuing our ongoing development of the acclaimed DrivingMonitor web application, Mavada were commissioned to produce a new vehicle checking product. This product checks Tax, Insurance & MOT with DVLA, VOSA & MIB and feeds data back into the system to flag any lapsed/expired certificates.

15.01.11 // Decipher launch microsite for show
Mavada were approached by Furniture by Decipher to design and build a new website ready for their launch at the contemporary interior design exhibition 100% Design London 2010.The end result was a modern and user-friendly website, with a rolling photo gallery of the range of furniture on each page.

14.01.11 // DM Driving Permit module added to DrivingMonitor
Continuing our ongoing development on the acclaimed DrivingMonitor web application, Mavada were commissioned to product a new product entitled Driving Permit. The Driving Permit product is designed to keep track of a drivers and their entitlement to drive for business.

05.01.11 // Payne Security site given refresh
Payne Security, an existing client of Mavada Ltd approached Mavada to design and build a new website to act as a sales tool for their British customers. Payne Security are the leaders in Brand Protection, Document Authentication and Personal ID. The brief was to develop a user-friendly site to showcase the company's products in a modern and fresh web2.0 style.