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09.08.10 // Corus Animation released

Corus logo

Date: 09/08/2010
Client: Corus Group
Story: Corus Group get interactive

In order to promote their new Modular Buildings technology, Mavada Ltd have just completed work on a series of interactive flash movies for the steel manufacturer Corus Group. The brief was to produce a series of web based animations to help convey the modular building construction methods in an 'easy to digest' manner. Mavada took this a step further by creating a fully functional interactive experience.

Corus supplied Mavada with blueprints allowing us to generate scaled 3D models. The final results were so accurate that a real photograph of a final rendered building morphed over the animation to provide an exact match.

A user interface was also created which gave the user the ability to control the running of the flash movie, so for example, within the environment of live presentation, the movie clip could be synchronised with narrative with a simple 'click'.

Click here to view the Corus animations

Click here to view the Corus Sisk Group construction website