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16.06.10 // B2B Marketing choose Mavada

b2b Contact Marketing

Date: 16/06/2010
Client: b2b Contact Marketing
Story: b2b Make Contact

b2b specialise in providing a mixture of telemarketing, email, SMS and social media campaigns to gain new sales and drive existing sales. They are a fully integrated marketing contact solution company.

b2b approached Mavada with a view to promoting their services and their character in a clear and effective way. It was a case of starting from scratch as the only original element from b2b Mavada had was their current logo. From detailed meetings and research, the Mavada team were able to develop a thorough understanding of the b2b brand and created a website which was not only informative, but also fun, vibrant and full of exciting ideas.

The key feature on the homepage was to create a flash movie which would work like a subway system, showing the different key area of the b2b marketing experience. Why don't you take a look:

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