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12.05.08 // Chrysler Jeep launches Spy microsite

Chrysler Logo

Date: 12/05/2008
Client: THA Group Ltd
Story: Chrysler Jeep launches spy microsite

Mavada have just released a 'Mission Profitable' spy themed microsite for the new Chrysler Jeep Academy incentive programme. Mavada are working with THA Group Ltd to develop an incentive based website for Chrysler Jeep sales staff to manage the sales of vehicles and parts around the UK.

The spy microsite will act as a central hub for all car dealers to login and complete a series of 'missions' online, and depending on their performance they will gain access to a casino roulette game with the chance of winning a variety of prizes.

The site has been developed to sit on the Mavada content|manager with the spy themed templates being built into the CMS. The roulette wheel game has also been developed by Mavada to integrate into the back-end admin system to log wins and prizes, and ultimately show the dealerships how they are performing on the website.

Along with the online presence the website integrated with an offline campaign where car dealerships were sent a top secret mission casefile & a laser pen which projected the microsite web address to kick off the whole campaign.

Visit the Chrysler Jeep spy themed microsite