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04.05.05 // DrivingMonitor on the road to success

Date: 4/5/2005
Client: Driving Services Ltd
Story: DrivingMonitor on the road to success

Mavada have been working with Driving Services over the past 3 years developing an online Driver Management system called DrivingMonitor. The system allows company car drivers to take an online driving assessment and receive online training if necessary.

To date the service has generated great interest and clients such as AstraZeneca, BOC, Tmobile and Unilever are already enjoying the benefits of using the tool. Mavada are continuing to work with Driving Services to market the product both here in the UK and also in the US and United Emirates. Mavada are also developing an end-to-end solution for integration the web service with the internal system at Driving Service to enable remote working from anywhere around the world.

Visit the DrivingMonitor website