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20.06.05 // Chrysler Jeep system a real winner

Date: 20/6/2005
Client: THA Ltd
Story: Chrysler Jeep system a real winner

Mavada have just released the first of many back-end admin tools for the new Chrysler Jeep Academy incentive programme. Mavada are working with THA to develop an incentive based website for Chrysler Jeep sales staff to manage the sales of vehicles and parts around the UK.

The site will act as a central hub for all car dealers to login and monitor their rankings in the sales leagues and to also inform them of tactical incentives throughout the year.

Mavada had released the first admin tool to allow THA to manage the points system that tracks sales and league positions. The system was built as a .Net application to stream over the web connecting to a live database allowing management from several different locations. Mavada are continuing to develop the Chrysler Jeep website and will be rolling out a full CMS in the next month.

Visit the Chrysler Jeep website