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Mavada starts with a bang

Date: 23/11/2001
Client: Mavada Ltd
Story: Mavada is born as new strategic web design firm in Chester

Despite the major burst of the Internet dot com bubble in 2000, Mavada Ltd has risen out of the dust as a new breed of web agency that focuses on reality - business objectives.

Kevin Curtis, Managing Director said "I've witnessed some amazing things in internet spending over the last few years; I've seen huge budgets given to agencies to produce some whacky ideas and given a brief of 'just go crazy with it', but my overriding view throughout the dot com boom was that things couldn't last. Without real sustainability and long-term growth these businesses cannot survive without a return-on-investment. I aim to build a company that focuses on tangible results, measurable goals and combine real creativity with technical excellence to produce web solutions that make a real difference to the client's bottom line."

Mavada is set to become the Northwest's leading web agency with 'quality solutions' at the core of its vision. The company was founded on realistic targets in contrast to the recent collapse of major dot com ventures last year.

Kevin goes on to comment "I believe this is the best time to start a web company as the ground has been levelled and it will be the companies who work smarter - not harder that will flourish in these new times, that's why I've made this our mission statement and strapline - Mavada, work smarter - not harder!"

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