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Case Studies

The Training Provider

Our client sources training courses for large corporate organisations. Their proposition is attractive since their client doesn't pay for this service – only the training courses they attend. The process of finding the right training courses is completely managed by our client – free of charge.

The Brief
The client approached Mavada requesting a database driven website that would display the thousands of training courses available.

Mavada were confident that with the creative and technical expertise in-house, the clients requirements would be met, and their expectations exceeded. However, Mavada were not convinced by the clients analysis of their requirements…

Mavada Analysis/Consultancy
Mavada suggested that the brief presented by the client was not in line with their business objectives, or indeed the main benefits of the service.

It was clear that the main proposition was that organisations buying the training valued the service because our client found suitable training for them on their behalf, and did so free of charge. If the organisation managed this process online, this would defeat the main objective for using our client's service.

Our client is a re-seller for training providers. It is the training providers whose business it is to provide a wide spectrum of training courses, whilst it is our client's business to find specific courses. Building a database for our client would require the collation, management and input of thousands of training courses, supplied by the training providers. When the training providers update and change their courses, our client would need to manage their database accordingly. This would require extensive effort even with an online administration system.

Mavada suggested that whilst this was possible, it would burn budget and offer little value in return. Not only would the organisation be servicing themselves, much effort would be wasted constantly updating training courses that our client couldn't be sure would fulfil the organisation's requirements.

The Solution | Targeted Courses
Mavada suggested a strategic web solution where our client is presented as a quality organisation, providing an excellent FREE service for companies who need to place their employees on training courses, whereby the client does not pay for the service unless suitable courses are found. This would offer the most value to our client, and meet the restricted budget.

The web solution would be presented as a call to action, collecting the relevant training requirements from each organisation. A personal area for each organisation would be created to store and collate relevant course information, searched and found by our client. A branded email notification would inform the organisation that their area had been updated, and a direct link would be provided to their area for browsing. A discount would be offered to all users who booked their training through the web, and a clear call to action would be presented with each course for booking purposes. The likelihood of the organisation booking a course would be increased as the courses presented to them would be 100% relevant to their requirements, in line with the success of the business offline.

The benefits to our client were that training courses were only entered into the users' area following a request for the FREE service, increasing the opportunity for an order. The alternative, as first proposed by the client, was to constantly maintain a database of courses they couldn't be sure would be required by the end user.