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Case Studies

The Online Retailer

Our client is a start-up company, whose business idea is to sell a range of food and drinks hampers online.

The Brief
The client approached Mavada requesting a website to promote and advertise a range of hampers, whilst offering the user the full e-commerce facility. They were confident that customers were likely to buy online due to the impersonal nature of the product.

Mavada were confident that a full e-commerce solution would be viable for our client - we considered it our job to advise when this facility be put in place.

Mavada Analysis/Consultancy
Having established the stage at which the new business was at, it was apparent that whilst Mavada could provide the e-commerce facility proposed from the outset, our client wasn't in a position to deliver the product as a result of sudden demand. They couldn't estimate the amount of product they would need to access, and hadn't arranged a facility with their suppliers to cope with sudden demand.

Being a start-up business, Mavada were concerned with the risk of developing a web solution our client hadn't market tested. Whilst e-commerce had worked for similar business models, we questioned why customers would suddenly buy from them. Would customers trust their brand? Would their business generate enough interest from the outset to justify the development budget? Whilst e-commerce was still considered the way forward, our client's cash-flow and development budget had to be considered if Mavada were to help their business develop, and not cripple it financially from the outset.

The Solution | Phased E-Commerce
Mavada suggested a staged website development. Whilst our client organised the logistics surrounding the re-selling and delivery of the hamper consumerables, Mavada would develop a professional online brand and web presence to showcase the hamper products available. Each product would be complemented with a description and a price, and the ability for the user to place an order online, which would be processed by our client offline.

In this simple ordering facility, our client would be given the opportunity to profile the customers who were interested in purchasing as well as those who completed orders. Each customer order would be complemented with a simple question of whether that customer would purchase the hamper directly online. Is it worth investing in a full e-commerce? Would it benefit the business and its customers? Could the business handle it?

By profiling orders, our client can track which products would sell through the website. This information will inform their agreements with essential suppliers based on demand, not speculation.

The information gathered at this point would enable our client to decide how the business was operating, and whether e-commerce, would increase profit, and reduce time and effort to make sales. The web solution will help make these pivotal business decisions.