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Case Studies

The Housing Agent

Our client is an up-market estate agent, specialising in selling exclusive penthouse apartments. Much of their custom comes from wealthy foreign aristocrats, and therefore, a means of promoting property world wide was required.

The Brief
The client approached Mavada requesting a website to showcase their property portfolio in a manner that wouldn't detract from their exclusivity and market value - approximately 4million each.

Whilst Mavada were confident that the level of design sophistication required would be delivered as a matter of course - a new presentation method would be required to cover the expanse of each property in enough detail to warrant a potential purchaser making a legitimate enquiry.

Mavada Analysis/Consultancy
Mavada suggested that whilst e-commerce is core business, it was highly unlikely that the potential purchasers would part with millions online - and without visiting the property and deliberating at length. Purchases would be made following numerous private consultations with our client, not in minutes over the web.

Mavada therefore opted instead to concentrate on show casing properties in a manner that would generate interest, and then capture this interest through a simple enquiry form and brochure request mechanism.

The Solution | Virtual Show Homes
Our clients property portfolio was limited, although exclusive. Having established that our client adds one, possibly two, properties to their portfolio per annum, it was a viable solution to develop a detailed showcase for each property.

Mavada developed a virtual panoramic tour, whereby the user could navigate around the entire property looking at the exclusive furnishings and decor as they passed. Alternatively, if the user wanted to look at one room specifically, the panoramic tour was seamlessly complemented by an interactive floor plan.

Since the majority of purchasers were from overseas, a tourist information guide was presented to describe the local area and attractions. Whilst this was not initially required by the client, they understood that thinking around the initial offer, the exclusive property, was essential to attract a legitimate purchaser.